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Are You A New Investor?
Browse Our Course On Investments!

The Need for Investor Education
Are you New to Investments? Have you ever Invested on Tips and Made Losses? Are you Afraid of the Financial Jargon?
Have you ever bought an Insurance Policy and later realised that it is NOT the one you wanted? Are you Skeptical about Agents and Brokers?

Well,you are not Alone!

New investors usually face the dilemma of making the correct investments.
They may run into bad investments costing time and money, leave alone emotional distress!

We, at Investor School, think that Investors need to become Financially Literate! Interested? Read on!
Course Overview
We are offering a ELearning Course on Investments.
Our course helps in gaining an in-depth understanding of topics like Basics of Investments, Equities, Mutual Funds and Insurance.
Course Contents
The course covers many important investment avenues that touch an investor's financial life.
  • Functioning of the stock market
  • In-depth look at Stock picking using Fundamental Analysis
  • Other stock picking strategies like Growth Investing and Value Investing
  • Overview of Technical Analysis
  • Mutual Funds
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
Is the course useful to me?
Yes, of course! Following are the benefits of the course!
  • Very Useful to Investors who are new to Investments. Ex - Freshers who join companies right after college!
  • Save Time - Shorten your learning curve
  • Save Money - You will be able to buy appropriate plans & policies
  • Save Possible Loss in Future - By selecting appropriate plans & policies, you are avoiding future loss
  • Better stock picking using the extensive understanding of Fundamental Analysis
  • Save Emotional Trouble - Stay Healthy :-)
  • Gain Financial Independence - Take your own Financial Decisions

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